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Christian Women's Speaker and Author Donna Lowe

Thanks For Dropping By!

Of all the sites in the world, youʼre visiting mine. Iʼm excited about that.

No doubt (if youʼre like me) youʼre waiting to checkout at the grocery store, in a Coffee Drive-thru, or hiding in the bathroom with the door locked, giving yourself a time-out for bad behavior. If so, thereʼs only minutes before they find you, so Iʼll be quick.

I love Jesus. That drives everything I do. I live in Kelowna, BC, with my husband Kelly, and our youngest son Taelyn. Heʼs 12.

I also love words (and chocolate too). Sometimes I have too many words, especially when I drink too much coffee. So I try to share my words with others.

I believe Jesus is coming back soon. Whether youʼre just exploring Christianity, itʼs early in your faith journey, or youʼre a mature believer, I write to encourage you in Christ.

Having read her book, it is apparent that Donna has the integrity to live consistently with the concepts presented. She continually demonstrates in action her love and care for the spiritual health of others.
Harley Lockhart
Independent Financial Advisor / Advocis
Donna is a woman of integrity, authenticity and a deep love for her Lord, Jesus Christ. The first thing you will notice about Donna is that you will really like her. Then you will realize she is a very smart woman, who has a passion to infuse bibilical truths into people's hearts.
Heidi McLaughlin
International Speaker / Heart Connection Ministry
I recently had the privilege of attending Donna Lowe’s bible study on Radical Love. Right from the beginning I felt a awesome connection with Donna. Her passion for God, radiated in her teaching. After each lesson, I left wanting more of God’s love. If you ever get a chance to hear Donna speak I highly recommend it. May God continue to bless your life, Donna.
Sandi Illingworth
We just want to say a heartfelt thank you for this weekend. We know you will say it was all God, but you endured much to make it happen and truly live up to For the sake of Truth. Your teaching was so perfect. The gospel message so well presented, and it was drenched in love. We are so glad to have your notes and to have learned from you. Thanks again Donna!
Powers Creek Community Church
Donna Lowe is an amazing woman, Bible teacher and mentor. God has given Donna the gift of teaching to reach others who are in need of love so they can learn to accept God’s love. Donna is a quiet women, full of grace. Her love for God has made her devour His word and to bring it to life for others. Through her teaching, writing and her website, she helps people find their way to Christ.
Kerry King