In Whom Do YOU Trust?

We place our trust in much, but do we trust God? In whom do you trust?

We trust in our Smartphones

  • Pinterest to make us creatively resourceful.
  • Facebook and Twitter for self-promotion.
  • Maps to impart direction.
  • Messaging to keep us in constant “communication” with others.
  • Online TV for entertainment.

We trust in people we do not know personally

  • The radio announcer and her trivia.
  • John Tesh for wisdom-for-life
  • Oprah for relational advice.
  • Journalists to keep us informed.
  • Scholars for truth.

We trust in world systems

  • We trust in our transportation systems to get us where we want to go.
  • We trust in our economy to provide and sustain our standard of the-abundant-life.
  • We trust in our education systems, our sports programs, our communities, family, friends, and occasionally our churches, to raise our kids with good moral standards.
  • We trust in legal systems for justice.
  • We trust healthcare and alternative systems to keep us well.
  • We trust in our National Defense strategies to keep us safe.

Yes, North American behavior is indicative: We do NOT trust in God.


Based solely on the observation of your own actions, determine where you have placed YOUR trust.

Eventually, all of those systems WILL fail. Eventually, they will all fail, at the same time. What then?

It doesn’t really matter what others do, it matters what you do.


What device, person, or system, do you need to abandon in order to place your full trust in God? Why not start with a time-out? Give your self a day off from trusting in something that eventually will fail you, and try – just for one day – to trust in The LORD with all of your heart.

Thanks to my friend Sharon Tyhaar, for posting this beautiful song on Facebook this morning. What a great reminder.

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