A Christmas Mission Statement

Jesus is the reason for the season, we all know that. Just knowing that, however, does not make it a true statement for you, or for me. Two words: hunger and presence. Both are synonymous with Christmas. Let these two words be the inspiration to guide your Christmas mission statement.

A mission statement, just for Christmas?

Yes! It can be a constant reminder to us of why we exist. The original intended purpose of the creator, that is. It becomes the foundation of our life. The inspiration for all of our dreams. The investments we make, the risks we take, step-by- step, the driving force is to see our mission statement fulfilled. If you live without a mission statement for Christmas, you will walk away disappointed by one more empty holiday.

When we are hungry for His presence, God shows up! In all of His glory! Moses prayed, show me your glory, LORD. God answered. In Exodus 24, the Bible records the appearance of the glory of the LORD was like a consuming fire, on the mountain top. Later, in Exodus 40, the glory of the LORD was like a cloud, which covered the tent of meeting. At times, He has made an earth-quaking thunder-clapping grand entrance, other times He slipped in silently, in the still of the night.

Immanuel means God is with us.

God was, before us. He is with us. He is even ahead of us. God is omnipresent. In Psalm 139, King David, declared, “I can never escape from your Spirit! I can never get away from your presence! Heʼs everywhere! Although that statement is true, God is always with us, it is obvious that there are times when His presence is with us in greater measure. When we experience Him, intimately. What keeps us from that?

Often, we just switch on the auto-pilot, this time of year. We repeat Christmas, after Christmas, without giving it intentional thought. Perhaps youʼve never written one down, but you have a mission statement. We all do. If you arenʼt sure what yours is, pay attention to where your thoughts lead you, when you arenʼt trying to control your focus. What you pray about. Spend the majority of your time and money on. The sum of those things is your current mission statement. If you change your Christmas activity, even slightly, Jesus can be the reason for your Christmas season.

Three things you can do to create hunger

  1. Take a Timeout.

    Plan some alone time, just you and God. Take a break from social, Christmas, even church, activities. God tells we must be still, so that we can know that He is with us.

  2. Turn it off.

    Cut out the noise pollution. God speaks in a still small voice. Silence from the world, means Godʼs voice can be heard. Often, I donʼt listen to music, not even worship music. I leave my television and radio, off. I don’t even listen to a Bible message, because a really good bible message can divert my attention to another, equally amazing, biblical point, but not necessarily what God is trying to communicate to me.

    Especially at Christmas time, itʼs easy to be overwhelmed, with well meaning messages about good things that could be included in your Christmas. But what does God want you to include? You wonʼt know unless you are listen.

  3. Tune in.

    Get into a lazer focus, eyes fixed on Jesus, kind of bubble. Worship. A fall on your knees (literally), kind of worship. Praise Him and be filled. The Bible commands you to be filled with the Spirit. You canʼt be filled with the Spirit at the same time that you are filled with a thousand other things that are on your mind. Do these things and you will recognize you already are hungry.

We donʼt need to store up more treasures here on earth, but this Christmas can have an eternal impact. The presence of God, in us, is the only provision for the Christian to live. If we are not hungry for His presence, then all of our efforts are in vain. Itʼs not too late. Iʼm here to bring you good news of great tidings, that was meant for all the world. Peace on earth is not out of reach, you just need a new mission statement.

In a flame-consuming, thunder-clapping, cloud-descending kind of way, I pray that Christmas 2011 will be an ever lasting memory for you, because you were hungry for more presence!

Merry Christmas, my friend.

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