Tuesday's Simple Call

Is bigger better? Does faster mean more fun? I’m reading Simply Tuesday – Small Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World, by bestselling author Emily P. Freeman. Emily asks this haunting question: “Is your soul being held hostage by hustle”? Well, is it? Many of us miss out on Tuesday’s simple call. Tuesday begs us, “slow down! Embrace ordinary life”.

The Day Before Tuesday

Mondays have always been my “Tuesdays”. Emily’s book reminded me of my former boss, Dave. Fresh out of college and starting my first real job, I remember on Mondays I couldn’t wait for Fridays. My Mondays were boring. They lasted forEVER. My Fridays were fast paced. Exciting! I shared my insight with Dave. He said, “Donna, enjoy Monday. Friday will be here before you know it.

I was young. That mundane job was only a stepping-stone. A link to bigger – better! Dave’s point seemed mute. However, I’ve thought about Dave and his advice a lot since then.

My Mondays meant discomfort. Like the third trimester of pregnancy, waiting for my baby to be born. Only to discover what being a mom meant: 2am feedings. Shopping with small, screaming kids in tow. Counting my change in front of the cashier, hoping I had enough money to buy the milk I needed for the next morning.

My Mondays meant worry. Waiting for my husband to find a more sustainable job. He did! However, it meant he was away from home for weeks, or sometimes a month at a time. So my Mondays were exhausting. Waiting for relief from single-parenting. My Mondays got wasted, waiting. Hearts become hardened and discouraged waiting for Friday (real life) to begin.

Eventually, many of our biggest dreams turn into Mondays, don’t they? The career seems glamorous, but work? That’s a task! The wedding is romantic. It’s marriage that’s difficult. We glow during pregnancy. However, our countenance changes when our kids develop a will of their own. You get it, don’t you?

Real-Life Includes Ordinary Days

Faster. Bigger. Better. No matter what, real life includes ordinary days. Recently, a starry-eyed girl said to me, “You’re an author and a speaker? How romantic! Your life must be so exciting”. I laughed and thought to myself, “girl, you should see me on Mondays”.

Years ago, I initiated No-Makeup-Mondays. There’s a sense of simple, at-homeness to the day. No pretense. No striving. It’s a flannel shirt and boy-friend jeans kind of day. I’m in laundry-doing, bathroom-cleaning, floor-washing, mode. Are my Mondays unimportant, spiritually insignificant, worthless? Not to God. He loves Mondays

Some Mondays are cloudy. Mundane. Tiresome. Others are gut-wrenching. A face-down-on-the-ground-crying-out-to-Jesus, day. Some Mondays last for months – years, even. But, unimportant?

Tuesday’s Simple Call

Freeman reminds us that life is the culmination of moments. Exotic, thrilling moments. Times of pure joy. Tuesday also demands what I call the hard-work-of-the-soul. Disappointment. Discouragement. Embarrassment. Failure. Tuesday calls for humility.

If God was the only one to ever notice what you’ve accomplished, would that be enough for you? Tuesday called Joseph – a boy with big dreams. He was sold into slavery and forced to work hard – in a prison. David wrote beautiful songs. His only audience was his herd of sheep. Jeremiah was considered a pessimist-preacher. Forced to stand outside the temple to preach, he hoped someone might listen. No one did. Maybe Tuesday’s call to live ordinary is more important than a bigger platform.

Tuesday is not some grim duty to which we must stoically resign ourselves. In the quiet of an ordinary day, we find our soul’s true significance. We find our Creator wants to meet with on Tuesdays. That’s extraordinary!

Whatever day of the week you call Tuesday, joy and sorrow, mundane and glamorous, Tuesdays and Fridays co-exist. Take back Tuesday (your life). Your Friday will be here before you know it.

I’m honored to be part of Ellen Graf-Martin’s Ellen’s Picks. Simply Tuesdays is a terrific read. Ellen’s efforts to resource women leaders are so appreciated. I love the community she is building too!


  1. Ellen Graf-Martin on December 1, 2015 at 1:06 pm

    So thrilled to have you linking up – and LOVED your #simplytuesday post, and the wisdom that your boss Dave shared. I need to remember that!

    • Donna on December 3, 2015 at 5:11 pm

      I’m thrilled too, Ellen. It’s been fun to read the other blogs and the books too! I feel blessed.

      Yes, I need to remember that too, Ellen.

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