Does God Love Me?

Forever Changed

Radical Love

We all want to love better. We want to be able to love those who are difficult to love. Radical Love is a step-by-step guide to becoming forever changed by God's radical, unconditional love.

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There is only one way your joy will be complete and that's what Radical Love is all about.


Learn what God has to say about love. Be forever changed by God’s radical, unconditional love.


Identify those things that prevent genuine, life-changing love from being a reality in your life.


Overcome the barriers in your life that prevent you from loving well.

Reader Reviews

Christian Women's Speaker Connie Cavanaugh

Practical, scriptural and delightfully readable; Soesbee and Lowe show readers how to find their one true love in a relationship of radical love with God.

Connie Cavanaugh
Author & Speaker
Women Speaker and Author Lisa Hall Wilson

The book Radical Love will speak to your heart, as it did mine, and challenge you to start loving as God does, and the place to start is your own heart.

Lisa Hall-Wison
Maranatha News
Heidi McLaughlin Heart Connection Ministry

This book is a powerful journey of discovering the truth about a love that is so radical, it will turn your thinking upside down. Be prepared to be transformed.


A word from Donna

Relationships, marriages, and friendships fail every day because of misplaced expectations about love. Radical Love is for those seeking to learn what God has to say about love and identify those things that prevent life-changing love from being a reality in their life.

In Radical Love: Forever Changed Kim Soesbee and I will share lessons we believe every Christian must embrace if they want to live fully in the joy God intends His children to have.

Christian Women's Speaker
Radical Love and Examine Your Heart
Study Guide + Book Combo

Examine Your Heart

Examine Your Heart is a discipleship Bible study resource designed to transform your relationships.

  • Grow in your understanding of Gods profound love for you.
  • Be inspired to discover and cast aside all the barriers that prevent you from fulfilling your God-given mission.
  • Be strengthened and equipped to love those God has intentionally entrusted to you.

Purchase Examine Your Heart by itself for $11.99 here.

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