How Should We Respond to this Troubled Culture?

God’s plan for this troubled culture

There’s no debate, even from unbelievers, we are in the midst of a deeply troubled culture-war. Additionally, the trouble has encroached on church territory. Worldly philosophies have been adopted by Christians, at an alarming rate. How should you and I respond to this troubled culture? Isaiah reveals God’s plan.

God’s plan is consistent

From the beginning, God called Israel remain faithful, and to be a channel of His blessing to the whole world. This was (and is, again) Israel’s life purpose, in their land. However, the people of Israel became self-consumed.

Though Israel rebelled, God was patient. Warning after warning, God urged His people to re-focus. He called them to repent and return to their true calling. Israel assumed God would not be provoked. So they ignored Him, going about building their own empires, rather than God’s kingdom.

What happens when God’s plan gets ignored?

Progressively, Israel became hard-hearted. As a result, spiritual gloom spread globally. It’s hard for us to imagine, but the LORD raised up adversaries against Israel for their defiance. Enemies from the east and the west (Isaiah 9:11&12) took them captive and carried them out of the promised land./p>

Contrary to popular belief, God’s anger burned. His hand became steady in discipline. I guess God can be provoked.

When God judged Israel, who suffered?

Two hard questions for us to consider: In the midst of Israel’s apostasy, did anyone remain loyal to God? And, if so, were the faithful subject to the same harsh consequences? The answer to both is yes.

Here’s a few names of the faithful: Daniel, Shadrack, Meshack, Abednego, Jeremiah, and Isaiah. These men suffered physical, emotional, and spiritual oppression, because of the wicked actions of their peers. Why would God allow them to suffer the same fate?

    Some Hardcore Facts:

1). The reason is clear, God’s agenda takes priority over individual comforts.

2).God had a strategic, national objective. Willing servants would demonstrate His love to a troubled Israel. Those who served believed their momentary suffering was worth it, if even few Jewish souls could be saved. And their actions proved profitable. God was able to encourage Israel that, despite their present reality, His unwavering plan was to set them free and make them prosper!

3). The global mission never changed. It never does. Even in captivity, Israel was meant to be a beacon of light and a channel of God’s blessing to other nations. Even their captors.

4). God is the same yesterday, today, and always. No matter what you’re being told. The plan has NOT changed. Does it make sense that you and I are called to be Isaiahs?

How has the church (you and I) reacted to the culture?

So, when we suffer because of this troubled culture, what do we do? Maybe you find yourself grief-stricken because of the sin of loved ones. I have felt outraged/fearful of the influence the culture will have on my kids – especially little ones.

As a result, have we developed a self-righteous indignation? I see a lot of bitterness, anger, and resentment. We form lynch mobs and attack people groups. We vent our disgust on Social Media and look forward to those affirming comments that prove how right we are. We threaten God’s vengeance – which is true – but we lack love. Have we forgotten who we were, before Christ?

Additionally, isn’t this culture our mission field? For such a time as this? I wonder to myself, will someone, anyone, have the mind of Christ and show His compassion to a lost and hopeless generation? Will His church be a channel of His blessing to a troubled culture?

Going forward

Let me be clear, Jesus had no fear of pointing out sin in the lives of people He met. Directly. Face-to-face. However, He did so in love, not repulsion. He didn’t gather in small circles with a group of likeminded disciples, to discuss His shock and horror about cultural sin. He didn’t publicly shame anyone (other than the hard-hearted religious leaders)!

Rather, on the cross, Jesus uttered these words, “Father, forgive them. They know not what they are doing.” The “they” included you and me. Jesus was a channel of blessing to sinners, before they repented! Am I? Are you?

Tangible Results flow from obedience

I don’t know the full effects of God’s Scope and Sequence. However, if God had not brought about a swift and terrible judgment on His people, Isaiah’s character and actions would have remained unknown. Maybe even to himself. Additionally, because of Isaiah’s love for the LORD, God used him to cause a revival that continues in human hearts – to this day. WOW!

Isaiah likely didn’t understand all that he had signed up for, but he sure was motivated after his vision of God’s Holiness (see Isaiah 6). Isaiah knew his place, Submission to the LORD’s will for his life – no matter what the cost.

. With fear and trembling, Isaiah said, I am unclean in the midst of an unclean generation (my paraphrase). He first recognized the state of his own soul. He feared for the fate of others. “Here I am Lord,” Isaiah said, “send me”.

Then the LORD sent Isaiah right smack into the middle of the most godless culture. Isaiah’s obedience to the LORD was, and still is, a channel of the LORD’s blessing, globally. For thousands of years, the book of Isaiah has to millions of people into the kingdom.

Time to choose

Will you and I be like godless Israel, wrapped up in building our own empires. We have ignored the pleading of the LORD for too long. Judgment is looming. We’ve got to act quickly for the sake of this Hell-bound culture.

And I heard the voice of the LORD saying, “Whom shall we send, and who will go for us? Isaiah 6:8.

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  1. Wendy Gardner on January 16, 2019 at 10:52 am

    Hello dear friend
    THÉ MESSAGE is right on. I look forward to Reading your messages.I ponder on them ,and I find myself lacking,and sometimes discouraged with myself. Those who I love have no interest in coming to church with me. No time Iam told.Every thing ,other than God ,has prominence in their lives. THERE are also family who are long time Christains, who have Bible knowledge,but DON’T apply it. They have no trouble talking the scriptures, but have worldly words,that show a wrong example to the new Christain. MY FAMILIESChristain walk to full of rocks and hidden prejudices. Thanks to you,and others like you ,I have my faith renewed,and strengthened,by teaching that are love and full of compassion. KEEP IT GOING Donna you are a blessing

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