Ever-Present Help

Is there an ever-present-help in times of trouble? The answer is yes, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. This morning, even before I had my first cup of coffee, I heard four stories of people that are desperate for help. One more victim of cancer. A baby in utero, whose little heart is in distress. A child, at the age of nine, who has had more surgeries than birthdays, yet still suffers severely. Another failed marriage. My heart aches for each one of the people involved. But, more importantly, God’s heart aches for them. Sadly, this is real life here on earth.

The temptation is to look at our circumstances and ask, “Why is this happening to me?” Outside the obvious – we live in a fallen world, there are few answers to that question. At least, none that will ever satisfy our aching hearts. What will satisfy us, however, is the super-natural peace that comes from God.

Finding Peace

How do you find that peace? Psalm 46 reveals some answers:

  1. Remember who God is.

    The Psalmist records that God is the Almighty. His knowledge is incomparable. His power is unlimited. His goodness is unmatched. If you have never read the Bible, or never been to Church, you may not know who God is. He is the creator of the everything. With a word, He spoke and the universe was formed. With a word He spoke and the earth received life. Yet, when God formed you, because of His great love for you, He used His hands. Then, with His own mouth, He gently breathed your spirit into you.

  2. Remember God is with you.

    There is no place in heaven, or on earth, or even under the earth, that God is not there. He has always been and is with you now. When your world quakes, when your knees feel weak, and your heart feels like it might give out, God’s promises stand true. When God is with you nothing can destroy you. Let His word, as it is recorded in Psalm 46, wash over your heart. “I AM your refuge and strength. I AM your ever-present help, in times of trouble. Friend, God stands between you and all the trouble that threatens to overtake you. Don’t miss this, He absorbs your pain, so your heart won’t fail.”

  3. Remember what God can do.

    When we focus on our circumstances, anxiety takes our breath away. Overwhelmed with fear, we see nothing but the impossible before us. God said, “Be still and know that I AM God.” He causes wars to end and even those who are evil must bow before Him. He heals the sick and mends the broken heart. The Bible records many of the miracle works of God, in detail. God has not ceased to perform His miracles, loved one.

Here is a prayer that you can pray

Father God, there is none like YOU. Before time began, you were there. Who can understand how BIG you are. Who can comprehend your power. You are faithful to your word. You speak and even those who are evil must back down.

LORD of all the heavens and earth, things are happening in my life that I cannot control. There seems to be no solution to the issues I face. You promise that you have a good plan for my life and that you will use everything, the good and the bad, to prosper me.

God, I may not have the faith to believe in you for that, but help me with my unbelief. Reveal yourself to me, so that I will know that you love me and that you are fighting for me.

In Jesus name I pray,


May the Lord give you peace, today, loved one.

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