What is Easter Sunday's true meaning?

Good Friday, and the message of the cross was only part of the good news. If that was all of it, Jesus would be dead. Jesus is fully God, so if He is dead God is dead. That would make the whole foundation of the Christian faith insufficient. What is Easter Sunday’s true meaning?

Thankfully, Jesus overpowered death on the cross. The Bible records that a woman named Mary (not Jesus’ mother), and others, had all witnessed the cross and had even helped prepare Jesus’ body for the tomb. There was no doubt in their minds that when His body was placed inside and the tomb, and the tomb was sealed, Jesus was fully dead. History recounts that on the Sunday, immediately following Good Friday, Mary went to Jesus tomb, only to find it empty.

After two days of death, on the third day, Jesus was revived. Over 500 people met the resurrected Jesus, during a 40 day period, following Good Friday. Jesus was then taken up to Heaven, where He now lives with God. If you believe in His finished work on the cross, you are set free from sin and it’s curse, which is eternal torment in Hell. That is good news, but it’s not the end.

Easter Sunday means…

Friend, if you have been united with Jesus in His death you have also been raised by Him to a brand new life. Jesus resurrection should have a total transforming effect on your life: from bondage to freedom, from hopelessness to confident expectation. The New Testament records certain benefits that you can expect because of Jesus resurrection. The implications are for here on earth, as well as in Heaven one day.

New Life

Here is just a glimpse of what your new life entitles you to:

  • No more guilt and shame
  • Peace with God
  • Confidence in your own righteousness
  • Freedom from worry about your needs
  • Wisdom and knowledge that doesn’t come from your own
  • Assurance of the promise for eternal life in Heaven – with Christ

He is alive – are you?

It’s His promise to revive your soul. To find out more about what your can expect, both now and forever more, read the book of Ephesians and Galatians. I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened as you discover the power and joy found when you are united with Him in the resurrection.

Enjoy this rendition of Sunday’s Coming. Happy Easter!

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