Sifted Like Wheat

I told everyone, “Satan does not take a summer vacation!” If only I had remembered my own warning. I’ve entitled this summer, Sifted Like Wheat. Complete with multiple opportunities to become hurt, angry – offended!  Tested and failed Enduring love for others testifies that a person is living in light of the future. Where love…

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Be patient while evil prevails.

With the recent news of New York’s horrific, new abortion laws fresh on my mind, I’m extremely heavy-hearted. No doubt, you are too. As Christians, how are we to respond to such terrible injustice? Psalm 37:7, reminds us… Be patient while evil prevails (my paraphrase). What? Patient? Yes, and here’s why… Our teacher, Israel Isaiah…

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How To Defy Cancer

It’s been said that cancer can be beaten. Is that always true? I mean, people die from it. So didn’t cancer beat them? I want share some lessons I learned from two important people. This is how to defy cancer. On June 4, 2012, my friend Joanne Tremblay passed away from cancer. On July 28,…

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Defining Moments


When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. It’s important to reflect on those whose lives have had the greatest impact on your own. It’s important to share those moments with others. It’s important to create a memory bank of defining moments, because then you won’t forget. After a lengthy battle…

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Teach Your Children To Tithe

Much like the kids in my day, children today will grow up with the belief that they are born to spend money. All of it. Cultural influences dictate that economic materialism is the benchmark, for a successful family. Advertising and industry bombards our children with how much of their money, and yours, they can spend…

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