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False Assumptions Damage Relationships

False Assumptions are making you a joy thief

Lessons from a recovering joy-thief. You can never really steal anyone’s joy. However, you can interrupt others joyful moments. Like the time I usurped my husband’s joy by my false assumptions. Here’s how that played out: I had a to-do list for the week. By Friday, I hadn’t accomplished anything. Mounds of paper work, scattered…

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Overcoming Your Negative Attitude

Sad Attitude

There is plenty of advice on how to avoid the people with a negative attitude. But, what if YOU are the negative person others are trying to avoid? It’s easy to get stuck in a pessimistic mindset. Overcoming your negative attitude is possible! A while ago my son told me he always looked forward to…

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Integrity. Courage. Godly Men

Today, I celebrate the integrity, courage, and compassion of two strong and godly men. It’s Fathers Day, so it seems the perfect time. If you have been blessed with a father, grandfather, or paternal figure filled with personal integrity, then you have been blessed indeed. My Dad Months after my parents celebrated their 53rd wedding…

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Christians Against the Culture…Avoiding Laziness

Roll Up The Rim Contest

Have we created a culture of laziness? You bet we have. But how did it happen? How do we, as Christians, live counter-cultural and avoid our own laziness? During a recent Roll-Up-The-Rim contest, I drank more Tim Hortons coffee than any other kind. It wasn’t intentional – it just happened. I didn’t realize, however, that…

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Should Moms Work Outside The Home

Since 1902, Women’s Day has been observed annually. Global events are planned on March 8th to promote anti-discrimination. The fight for women’s equality has been grueling. The year 1970 saw a mass exodus of women leaving home and entering the workforce. Jolene Livingston’s mom was in the thrusts of women’s rights. Just months after giving…

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Control Your Controlling Behaviors

Controlling behaviors may seem harmless, however, may emotional abuse reports are the result of such behaviors. I’m sure you don’t have this issue. But in case you know someone who does (wink, wink) I’ll provide you with some controlling behaviors to watch for, and some Biblical solutions. Then, you’ll be prepared to counsel your friends,…

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Can You Repair Your Broken Resolutions?


So you failed to follow through on your commitment(s). You ate one brownie – then you ate the whole batch. So what, now you’re done? My first two posts of the new year were about making and keeping your commitments. But, what if you’ve already lost your resolve? Get up! Repair your broken resolutions. Here…

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You can overcome your anxious thoughts

overcoming anxiety

Do you struggle to maintain peace? Are you a chronic worrier? Are you sick of being stressed? You can overcome your anxiety! I’ve been known to worry about everything. Marriage and family matters – how will we make it through? Natural disasters – earthquakes make the hair on the back of my neck stand straight…

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Is your word your promise?

Breaking Promises

Is your word your promise? Moments after I had decided to write an article on becoming a better promise-keeper, I found myself going back on my word. When our kids started kindergarten, my friend Charlene came up with a brilliant plan. She suggested we form a “moms network”. Since that time, a group of moms…

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Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas

Christmas Tree Decoration

This year rumors surfaced the Whitehouse removed the Christmas tree in exchange for what’s more acceptable, the Holiday Tree. As the Obama’s celebrate the many joys of the holiday seasons: the joy of giving and service to others; the joy of sharing their blessings with one another, many Christians are focused on something else. Happy…

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