Be patient while evil prevails.

With the recent news of New York’s horrific, new abortion laws fresh on my mind, I’m extremely heavy-hearted. No doubt, you are too. As Christians, how are we to respond to such terrible injustice? Psalm 37:7, reminds us… Be patient while evil prevails (my paraphrase). What? Patient? Yes, and here’s why… Our teacher, Israel Isaiah…

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After Abortion: Overcoming the guilt

Hope Written On a Stone

You or someone you know has had an abortion. For those who have, it may have take years, but there is a moment in each woman’s life when she recognizes the magnitude of her choice. She may feel overwhelming shame, hopelessness, or even despair. Can people recover from something can’t be undone? Can you overcome…

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Breaking the Silence About Abortion

Woman Holding Face in Shock

Deep in the heart of every post-abortive woman, there‚Äôs a silence that echoes with condemnation. Guilt holds her captive to her shame – leaving her without the hope of ever finding relief. It’s time the silent speak! Early in Canadian history, all abortions were illegal. The Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1968-69 , legalized abortion as…

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Identify Your Anti-Semitic Attitudes

There is a short movie titled 180 attached here. It’s POWERFUL. It will help us to understand how the Holocaust happened. Let’s take some time to reflect and identify some of the attitudes that ignite indignation toward a people group, class, religion, or race. More importantly, let’s identify our own anti-semitic attitudes. You might think…

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