The first love and passion of my life is Jesus Christ. It’s that love that motivates me in my goals as a wife and mother, and as speaker and writer.

I’m a frequent contributor at Women Alive, with nearly 50 articles written about love, marriage, dating, sex, relationships and Christian living. My articles have been featured in magazines and websites, such as Maranatha News.

I have more than 15 years experience in ministry. As director of a group of over 200 women, at the largest church in Kelowna, I taught biblical principles weekly. Now, as founder of For the Sake of Truth, teaching Biblical-truth is my full-time job. I teach at live events, retreats and conferences. I also teach in online venues, through webinars, podcasts, blogs and online Bible studies.

My writing has been published in the Briercrest College – a devotional book for students. I speak and write articles for Women Alive. I have authored several bible studies, and a book titled Radical Love – Forever Changed.

In my free time (yeah right) I love to hike, read, and share a laugh over a good cup of coffee with my girlfriends.

Christian Womens Speaker Donna Lowe