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Can You Repair Your Broken Resolutions?


So you failed to follow through on your commitment(s). You ate one brownie – then you ate the whole batch. So what, now you’re done? My first two posts of the new year were about making and keeping your commitments. But, what if you’ve already lost your resolve? Get up! Repair your broken resolutions. Here…

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You can overcome your anxious thoughts

overcoming anxiety

Do you struggle to maintain peace? Are you a chronic worrier? Are you sick of being stressed? You can overcome your anxiety! I’ve been known to worry about everything. Marriage and family matters – how will we make it through? Natural disasters – earthquakes make the hair on the back of my neck stand straight…

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How to make Biblical wise decisions

Back in the day, commitments were made verbally, and sealed with a pinkyswear, a handshake, or a cross my heart and hope to die. Those were the good old days, when people actually kept their word. If you’ve ever wondered how, they simply made better decisions before making a promise. Then, they simply resolved to…

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Is your word your promise?

Breaking Promises

Is your word your promise? Moments after I had decided to write an article on becoming a better promise-keeper, I found myself going back on my word. When our kids started kindergarten, my friend Charlene came up with a brilliant plan. She suggested we form a “moms network”. Since that time, a group of moms…

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