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Evolution vs. Creationism. Which side are you on?

Maybe this subject has never been on your radar. You don’t really want to choose sides. You don’t really care, or do you? Evolution verses creationism. Which side are you on? It’s a bigger deal than you might think. Many Christians are uninformed, so they believe a little bit of everything. It’s not like the…

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Heaven. Does it exist?

Heaven Is For Real

Heaven. Does it exist? Often, we don’t think about heaven until someone we love passes away. When that happens, we want to believe, with all of our hearts, that there is more beyond this earthly existence. We have questions about it. If it’s real, what will we do there. If heaven exists, how do we…

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How to develop a thankful heart

There are times in life that seem marked for misery. Everything goes wrong, and it seems well within our rights to be ungrateful. The Bible reminds us to be thankful – always. Is that even possible? There is a way to develop a thankful heart – no matter what circumstances you face. This year’s forecast:…

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