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Lessons on Anti-Bullying From the Bible

Anti-Bullying Campaign Notice

In support of a national campaign to eradicate bullying from schools, many kids from across Canada will wear pink today. This is an annual event to raise awareness. Yet, it doesn’t seem to be helping. What lessons on anti-bullying can the Bible offer? What is bullying? Aggressive behavior demonstrated by the use of force or…

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Magnificent Surrender Book

It’s a brain-twister, don’t you think? Magnificent and surrender: in our culture, these two words do not belong in the same sentence. Yet, according to God, and my friend Roger Helland, author of the book Magnificent Surrender, it is the only way to release the riches of living in the LORD. A few years ago,…

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A higher kind of love.

It’s Valentine’s day, so let’s talk about real love. A higher kind of love. Imagine, for a moment, that your world didn’t start with you. What if you’re first awareness of yourself was not that you discovered yourself, but that yourself was revealed to you? What if, before you took your first breath, before you…

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