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The Dangers of Missionary Dating

The other day I heard a new phrase that sent a shiver down my spine. The phrase “missionary dating” and its concept is not new, nor is the idea restricted to dating relationships. It’s just new to me. Missionary dating is a term used by Christians to describe a person of faith dating a person…

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Why it's hard to tell the truth

I like to watch Anderson Cooper in his segment Keeping Them Honest. Anderson’s mandate is to expose the misconduct of government and corporate leaders, by highlighting the contradiction between what they communicate publicly and their lack of resolve to stand by their word. Through the pressure of his interrogation, Anderson dares people to tell the…

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Jesus is coming back soon. Are YOU Ready?

Jesus is coming back. Soon. Lately I’ve been asking myself, am I ready? How about you? Do you really believe that Jesus is coming back? Do you believe He could come back at any minute? Are you ready? The way you are living your life at this very moment will answer that last question. Jesus…

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